The Righteous

Book I

        When Cecily Reardon is found murdered with unusual circumstances the evidence leads Veteran Detective Mario Grimes to St. Mark Church and his one true love. Pastor June Harris, formerly a very talented police detective who left the police force to pursue her call in the ministry. The first female and youngest pastor ever appointed to St. Mark Church, her arrival was met with much opposition from the congregation but now six years later these same people are her main supporters. They became her only family and she was happier than she had been in a long time 

Then when Detective Grimes, her old police partner and the only man she ever allowed herself to love, appeared at St. Mark seeking her help to solve the murder of one of her former church members, it forced her to reflect on the darkest time of her life. She last saw him years earlier on the night before they were to be married but he left her at the altar and married someone else without so much as a phone call.

After years of resentment, and hurt is she able to help solve Cecily’s murder with the one man who hurt her the most? Will she ever allow her heart to love again or will she stay solely devoted to the church family she’s grown to love?

The Coveters

Book II  

In this new Pastor June adventure, Pastor June's life is interrupted once again when Detective Grimes, her ex fiance` and ex police partner, receives a ransom call about the kidnapping of his daughters. His youngest daughter, Cady was last seen with Jackson Bonnen III, the son of a wealthy accounting firm owner in South Beach, and Cady’s close friend, a social misfit nicknamed Two Touch. Both of these young men were desperately in need of a pay day and they also happened to be two of very few people who knew about the wealth of Detective Grimes' family. 

We find Pastor June anxiously attempting to juggle her role as pastor of the newly expanded St. Mark Church, as well as being a new wife and foster mother. She also finds her temperament easily tested because she is overwhelmed hormonally with her first pregnancy.

Now Pastor June’s seemingly perfect new marriage to the handsome Supervising Elder Brice Howard is threatened when she is determined to resurrect her gifted detective skills in order to assist Detective Grimes with locating his daughters. Her friendship with his wife and best friend, Bettina is also in jeopardy as certain secrets are exposed. Also at risk is the pending adoption of her new foster daughter, Rosie and the health of her unborn child. And then in the midst of all these relationship dilemmas, Pastor June finds herself blindsided when personal tragedy strikes.

But this is the life that Pastor June spent so many years praying for and now that she has it, will she be able to find harmony between her ministry, marriage, family, and friendships? 

The Witness: Billie's Story

Book III

In this new adventure with Pastor June, still grieving the death of her mentor in ministry and life, Billie, Detective Sylvia Wright calls on Pastor June to protect a ten year old who witnessed a homicide involving a high profile politician. 

Meanwhile, having received several personal journals among the numerous personal effects from Billie's estate, Pastor June discovers something disturbing about Billie that she successfully kept hidden from Pastor June for all the years they've known each other. 

Now angry and feeling betrayed by Billie, will Pastor June be victorious in protecting the young witness while they travel to Billie's hometown to solve the crime from Billie's past? Will she be able to keep her family and church congregation together in the midst of it all or will she finally fail at juggling all those different balls in the air?